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OKKLUfix and OKKLUsan – for wound care

Only the best for eyes: OKKLUfix and OKKLUsan eye pads are extremely absorbent and are made of superior raw materials. Only this way quality results; quality that is felt and quality that perfectly suits when the eye urgently needs soft protection.

The sterilisable OKKLUsan pads are available sheerly without any wearing material. The self-adhesive eye pad OKKLUfix is packed completely sterile and is perfectly suitable for superfast care.

The softness of OKKLUfix and OKKLUsan eye pads, as well as the products’ quality in material and production is ideal for eye care and the praxis-oriented eye bandage. The pad’s internal layers highly-compressed provide for an optimal absorbency and for the eye being cushioned protectively.

However, not only the intrinsic values convince: The pads’ exteriors are made of skin-friendly, non-woven fabric – to guarantee a comfortably soft feeling when getting in touch with the eye.

Additionally, the flexible tissue of the plaster’s edge of OKKLUfix provides for optimal comfort on quick wound care.

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