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Over and over again, skin irritations and hurting plasters are always a challenge in the course of a patching therapy. Children crucify themselves and parents vicariously suffer with them. Therefore, it’s high time for a change:

The alternative to adhesive eye patches is OKKLUEASY – an eye patch for glasses made of soft fleece!

Health care professionals, parents and children are thrilled: OKKLUEASY is put on the glasses and is effective. OKKLUEASY represents reliable and painless patching therapies without any allergic reactions. Skin irritations, tears and pain are a thing of the past. Motivational problems are spirited away! Additionally, as OKKLUEASY’s really cool and colourful motifs satisfy all of them.

Our wizard Zipzap presents OKKLUEASY and due to his wealth of experience he guarantees patching therapies as easy as pie!

You would like to see more pictures of OKKLUEASY? Please visit and find as well a demonstration video showing you how to put on the eye patch.

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